Late Works: By Ear


A monthly radio show broadcast the first Tuesday of every month 7-8PM on Resonance Extra, which is comprised of two main segments:

QSL / Postcards:

Each month, a group of artists are asked to respond live to the show on blank postcards. These postcards are then used as inspiration for the next show.

By Ear Recordings:

A modular broadcast -> improvisation recording system aiming to encompass the various classic trios, quartets & quintets through the permutation of instruments.

A prepared 15 minute solo is played live on air, to be spontaneously improvised to by the next instrument in the chain. The musician records themselves and sends in their recording to be matched up to the previous one. The combined piece is then played on air for the next instrument to improvise on until the chain is fulfilled.


/baɪ //ɪər/
• to decide how to deal with a situation as it develops, rather than acting according to plans made earlier.
• to improvise along to something without sheet music.

Broadcast on:


By Ear:

• The prepared solos must be recorded in one take with no overdubs, but can be composed and practiced beforehand.

• Subsequent musicians only have one take to improvise over the top of the previous broadcast (unless there is a recording fault).


• Artists may respond on as many of the four postcards they are sent (and their two sides) as they would like.

• Any text on the postcards is selected for use as the title for the next show.

Listen to the shows below:

(listed L to R reverse chronologically)

By Ear Recording Chart:

(•-----• denotes incomplete recording)

The Late Works By Ear Recording Chart detailing the instruments and order in which they will be recorded