Late Works: By Ear #35

June 6, 2023 19:00


Tracks selected in response to postcards sent in by Melina Doumy & Anika Roach. Featuring Joan Jonas, The Colour of Pomegranates & Leonard Bernstein. Joe tests out a new recording system to be used for posterity so bare with the slightly hectic nature of this on the first take!


Norman Blake - I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow (Instrumental)

Joan Jonas - Volcano Saga

Leonard Bernstein - Pigeons and Beers

On the Waterfront (1954) (clip)

Kes (1969) (clip)

Charlton Heston - The Old Man and The Sea (Ernest Hemingway)

The Colour of Pomegranates (1969) (clip)

vewn - Nothing to Hide (Bad Kid Stuff) (clip)

Leonard Bernstein - Saloon Love

Leonard Bernstein - Waterfront Love Theme

Hoagy Carmichael - Some Days There Just Ain't No Fish


Here are the postcards that were made in response to the previous show, which were used as inspiration for this show:

There were no postcards sent this month.

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