Late Works: By Ear #38

September 5, 2023 19:00


Tracks selected in response to postcards sent in by Nicola Organ and Ellen Poppy Hill. Featuring Harry Partch, Charlotte Moorman & Midori Takada.


Alain Gorageur - La longue marche - Valse des statues
Alain Gorageur - Les fusées
Howl's Moving Castle (clip)
Joe Hisaishi - The Flower Garden
The Outsider: The Story of Harry Partch (TV Movie 2002) (clip)
Red Krayola - Save the House
Charlotte Moorman - Performing with TV Cello (Nam June Paik)
Otto Willberg - Reap What Thou Sow
Homer Groening - The Story (1969) (clip)
Midori Takada - Catastrophe ?


Here are the postcards that were made in response to the previous show, which were used as inspiration for this show:

There were no postcards sent this month.

Artists (Postcards):

Musicians (By Ear Recordings):

There was no By Ear Recording this month.

Visual Tracklist:

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