Late Works: By Ear #7

May 5, 2020 19:00


In this episode, the 'By Ear' recordings resume with Pike Ogilvy's prepared drum solo, and more loose association is made in response to postcards sent in by Nathalie Hollis, Fergus Polglase, Keziah Mornin & Plum Cloutman. Featuring Francis Alÿs, Portishead & Tony Allen.


Francis Alÿs - Samples II

Antonio Sanchez - Doors and Distance

Raymond Carver - What We Talk About When We Talk About Love (excerpt)

Portishead - Strangers

Lalo Schifrin - Danube Incident

Luis Buñuel & Salvador Dali - L’Age D’Or (The Golden Age) (clip)

Salvador Dali - Etre Dieu (clip)

Pike Ogilvy - First Drums (Late Works: By Ear 2.11)

Stefan & Franciszcka Themerson - The Eye and the Ear

Tony Allen - Eparapo

Still House Plants - Do


Here are the postcards that were made in response to the previous show, which were used as inspiration for this show:

There were no postcards sent this month.

Artists (Postcards):

Musicians (By Ear Recordings):

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