Late Works: By Ear #22

September 7, 2021 19:00


A preparations special. Joe selects a slew of prepared piano tracks ahead of Late Works: Preparations on 20th September at Café Oto. Featuring John Cage, Aphex Twin, Hauschka & Kelly Moran, as well as pieces from the pianists who will be performing (Finlay Clark, Aga Ujma & Max Syedtollan).


John Cage, Boris Berman - Prelude for Meditation

John Cage, Margaret Leng Tan - The Perilous Night 4

Aphex Twin - diskhat2

Hauschka - Sequence 2

Kelly Moran - Bloodroot

Gan-Ru Ge - Gu Yue: II. Qin

Henry Cowell, Joel Sachs - The Fairy Answer

John Cage, Margaret Leng Tan - Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano Nos.14 & No.15 “Gemini” (After Richard Lippold)

Dred Scott - cagey

Aphex Twin - Diskhat1

Anne de Fornel, Jay Gottlieb - Three Dances pour deux pianos préparés - Dance 3

Peter Adriaansz, Saskia Lankhoorn - Attachments III

Hauschka - Fernpunkt

alt-tegel - perhaps it was a reaction to “you can’t party!”

Aga Ujma - Great Expectations

Horse Whisperer - come and spend the night


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