Late Works: By Ear #21

July 6, 2021 19:00


In our 21st show Joe looks back to 1921, to find stand out recordings from 100 years ago (of those that still exist). Featuring Velimir Khlebnik, Carlos Chavez, Fats Waller & Mary Stafford.


Velimir Khlebnik - The Radio of the Future

Luigi Russolo - Serenata

Chieko Mori - 17 String Bass Koto Recital

Carlos Chávez - Toxiuhmolpía

Fats Waller - The Sheik of Araby

Virgilio Mortari - Fox-Trot Futurista

Max Butting - Lichtspiel Opus I (Walther Ruttmann)

Mary Stafford and her Jazz Band - Crazy Blues

Joseph Beuys - Filz TV

Karel Appel - Poeme Barbare


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