Late Works: By Ear #3

January 7, 2020 19:00


This month: "Everything short of total standstill" - another exercise in loose association including works by Ben Lamar Gay, Jack Kerouac & Patti Smith. The Late Works: By Ear recordings are also resumed with Emma Barnaby (cello) accompanying Evie Hilyer-Ziegler (violin).


Ben Lamar Gay - Music for 18 Hairdressers

Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians

Tom Dissevelt / Kid Baltan - Syncopation

Jack Kerouac - Northport Tapes

William S Burroughs - Wild Boys (excerpt for John Giorno's Dial-a-Poem)

Patti Smith & Lenny Kaye - Ballad of a Bad Boy

Evie Hilyer-Ziegler & Emma Barnaby - First Violin + Cello (Late Works: By Ear 1.12)

David Bowie - Soul Love


Here are the postcards that were made in response to the previous show, which were used as inspiration for this show:

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