Late Works 4

September 12, 2021

Late Works 4


The fourth iteration of the first concept of Late Works, where a group of musicians spontaneously improvised music in response to two painted folding dressing screens.

The musicians are asked to respond for a total of 30 minutes to each screen, with them being rotated midway. The screen itself stands in front of both the audience and the musicians, with everyone - including the musicians - experiencing it simultaneously, and for the first time.

→ for a more detailed rundown of the concept click here


An accompanying exhibition of the artists' work took place at Gallery 46 across two days instead of just for the performance day. The exhibition also included all of the screens from the previous 3 Late Works screen events.

The instrument lineup was drums (Jordan Hadfield), electric guitar (Billy Leach), electric piano (Jesse Doniach Hughes), double bass (Joe Maclaren), saxophone (Alex Dmochowski) & trombone (Wilf Diamond).


Musicians selected by Billy Leach • Filmed by Felix Bayley-Higgins & Joe Preston • Sound by Enzo Samuel • Concept, editing & screens built by Joseph Bradley Hill.

With thanks to Sean McClusky at Gallery 46!


Finlay Abbott Ellwood

Pleached Paper Machine, 2020
123 x 162 cm

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Oliver Pearce

The Battle Of, 2021
150 x 160 cm

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