Late Works: By Ear #26

January 4, 2022 19:00


Late Works: Preparations (Live at Cafe OTO) album release special • Finlay Clark, Aga Ujma & Max Syedtollan's full prepared piano performances from September 2021 are framed by three intriguing new prepared piano works by Steve Argüelles, Zoe Efstathiou & Mitsuhisa Sakaguchi. Preparations is out now, co-released by OTOROKU.


Steve Argüelles, Pierre Bastien, Benoit Delbecq - A Bugling Flutter and Flex

Late Works, Finlay Clark - Overture Mother Solo

Late Works, Aga Ujma - Through the thick of her bush

Late Works, Max Syedtollan - Höhepunktinstrument

Zoe Efstathiou, Egil Kalman - Perigramma

Mitsuhisa Sakaguchi - ston-core


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