Late Works: LOOP


Four loops by four separate artists are simultaneously, continuously looped for 30 minutes. The loops are projected to surround a group of musicians, who then respond live to the loops with looping sound.

The process is then repeated again with as many sets of artists and musicians as wanted.


• (noun) a structure, series, or process, the end of which is connected to the beginning.
• (verb) form (something) into a loop or loops; encircle.
• (in music) a repeating section of sound material.

In collaboration with:

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• For the film loops:
- the entire loop must be silent,
- between 5 and 30 seconds long,
- and in 16:9 ratio (1920x1080) (but content doesn’t have to be full screen)

• The filmmakers have one week to create their loop.

• The content of the loop must be entirely original/created for the show (unless the artist’s process is rooted in the use of existing imagery).

• The setup of the projections depends on the room. As long as they fill the musicians field of vision it is ok.

• Musicians don’t have to use a loop pedal.



Group 1:
Mathias Karl Gontard
Natalie Moutrey
Will Nicholls
Jake Vine

Group 2:
Felix Bayley-Higgins
Alice Bloomfield
Leo Douglas-Morris Benavides
Luis Jacobs


Group 1:
Finn Carter
Cy Worthington

Group 2:
Liam Noonan
GG Skips & Kit Mosely

Tyra Enchill

Joseph Bradley Hill
& Felix Bayley-Higgins

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Cy Worthington, Finn Carter & Wyka at Late Works: LOOP

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