Late Works: By Ear #5

March 3, 2020 19:00


Wisps of Noise - loose association in response to the monthly postcards and clips from lots of exciting unreleased music from 'Late Works: of Noise' recording sessions last week, by members of black midi, 404 Guild, Goat Girl, Sorry, Powerplant & Curl.


Miles Davis - Will O’ The Wisp

Tony Kinsey / Kenneth Williams - Willo the Wisp Theme / The Thoughts of Moog

Gershon Kingsley - Pixillation

Norman Maclaren - Dots

Norman Maclaren / Maurice Blackburn, Dobre Constantin & United Folk Orchestra Romania - Pas de Deux

Szymon Brzóska - Flowing I

Szymon Brzóska - Flowing II

Szymon Brzóska - The Coffins

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - The Red Shoes (Ballet Music)

Luigi Russolo - Serenata

Late Works - forged in fire (ft. DJ Dairy & DJ Greep, Aga Ujma, Enzo Samuel & Jerskin Fendrix) (clip)

Late Works - diggy diggy f*** off (ft. Clottie Cream, Rosy Bones, Richard Limper & Horse Whisperer) (clip)

Late Works - don’t sleep on (ft. GG Skips, Felix Raman & Josef Kurtz) (clip)

Late Works - DRAIN MYTH (ft. 404 Guild) (clip)

Late Works - DARK LORE BINGO (ft. Bianca Scout, j b glazer, Cam Molloy, Jacob Samuel & Elena Isolini) (clip)

Late Works - unmenacingly violent (ft. Martha Skye Murphy, Corpse Boy, Cajm & Kiran Leonard) (clip)


Here are the postcards that were made in response to the previous show, which were used as inspiration for this show:

There were no postcards sent this month.

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