Late Works: By Ear #30

May 3, 2022 19:00


"a prod on the brain" - a selection of tracks in response to postcards sent in by Otis Blease, Hannah Buckman & Olivia Sterling, featuring Two Ronnies, Amy Sillman, Patti Smith & Charles Amirkhanian.


Kathryn Beaumont - In a World of My Own (Alice in Wonderland clip)

Betty Noyes - Baby Mine (Dumbo clip)

Joe Pera - Joe Pera Talks You Back to Sleep

Amy Sillman - Radiation

Charles Amirkhanian - Dog

Two Ronnies - Mastermind

Charles Amirkhanian - Church Car

Two Ronnies - Rochdale Ringers

Charles Amirkhanian - Dot Bunch

Two Ronnies - Aldershot Brass Ensemble

Amy Sillman - After Metamorphoses

Patti Smith - Parade


Here are the postcards that were made in response to the previous show, which were used as inspiration for this show:

Otis Blease
Otis Blease
Otis Blease
Hannah Buckman
Otis Blease
Otis Blease postcard
Hannah Buckman postcard
Hannah Buckman
Olivia Sterling
Olivia Sterling
Olivia Sterling
There were no postcards sent this month.

Musicians (By Ear Recordings):

There was no By Ear Recording this month.

Visual Tracklist:

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