Late Works ONE

September 30, 2018

Late Works ONE


The first iteration of the first concept of Late Works, where a group of musicians spontaneously improvised music in response to two painted folding dressing screens.

The musicians are asked to respond for a total of 30 minutes to each screen, with them being rotated midway. The screen itself stands in front of both the audience and the musicians, with everyone - including the musicians - experiencing it simultaneously, and for the first time.

→ for a more detailed rundown of the concept click here


The instrument lineup was drums (Jordan Hadfield), electric guitars (Billy Leach & Tara Cunningham), bass guitar (Joe Maclaren), electric piano (Jesse Doniach Hughes) & saxophone (Alex Dmochowski).


Musicians selected by Billy Leach • Filmed & edited by Mathias Karl Gontard • Additional footage: Herman Rahman, Leo Douglas-Morris Benavides, Dino Martin Peer • Concept, curation & screens built by Joseph Bradley Hill

With thanks to Chris Greenwood at Louie Louie!


Ethan Reeves

3 Folds in 2 Wholes, 2018
96 x 134.5 cm

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Daniel Kerrison Stock

Cousin Bill's Great Thrill, 2018
150 x 178 cm

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