Late Works at Cafe Koko

September 12, 2023

Late Works at Cafe Koko


The fifth iteration of the original concept of Late Works, where a group of musicians spontaneously improvise music in response to painted folding dressing screens. The screen itself stands in front of both the audience and the musicians, with everyone - including the musicians - experiencing it simultaneously, and for the first time.

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This time only one screen was made (by Nathalie Hollis) instead of the traditional two. An accompanying selection of Nathalie's works were exhibited in Koko's gallery, on show throughout the week of the 11th September.

The musicians were asked to respond for 20 minutes to each side of Nathalie's screen, in two sets, followed by a jam.

A second performance to one side of Nathalie's screen (Energisers & Drainers) was also carried out by a separate band at the Art Car Boot Fair on Saturday 16th September.


Band at Cafe Koko: Jesse Doniach (piano), Jordan Hadfield (drums), Billy Leach (guitar), Joe Maclaren (bass guitar), Kit Mosely (guitar) & Ben Vize (saxophone)

Band at ACBF: Tom Armstrong (trumpet), Charlie Keen (trombone) & Aldous Robinson (saxophone)

With thanks to Hannah Barnes, Katie Heller, Karen Ashton and everyone at KOKO!


Nathalie Hollis

Energisers and Drainers / Moths Pinky Palace, 2023

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