Isobel Neviazsky



Isobel Neviazsky is a multidisciplinary artist with a practice rooted in drawing and a prolific output spanning painting, printmaking, writing and publications. Their work is immediate and their interest is focused on the act of making itself. The focus of their output is picture making and the main visual themes are working from life, drawings documenting life from memory, working from other art, and what they call drawings about drawings: this is making pictures where the main importance is spatial relationships of objects interacting with each other in the picture plane, most often utilising recurring motifs and symbols as a way of creating or exploring composition. Accessibility is a focus of their practice and the ways they share their work are online, through publications, and by having a pricing structure for their work that is affordable and transparent because it is important that people can enjoy their work as well as funding them to continue their rigorous practice.

Participant in:

By Ear, Preparations

a.k.a / associated with / part of:

Bad Sauna, Sunboy Toys


Last updated:

September 3, 2021

Isobel Neviazsky