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Andrew Unterberger and William Swygart began The Singles Jukebox as a feature on Stylus Magazine in 2004, and it set out on its own in 2009. Nowadays, we’re a collective of pop music fans including writers across six contintents and a range of identities, which lends itself to a great deal of diverse opinions. You can find out more about individual writers using the sidebar on the right and our staff can also be found on Pitchfork, Spin, Witchsong, MTV and One Week One Band among others. We don’t think that any one opinion on a song should be definitive, which is why we present a range of views on the music we discuss. We each approach music in different ways, and we definitely don’t always agree; there is no overarching Singles Jukebox editorial line. We review three singles per weekday, and we average our scores to the “two decimal places” you see on each post.

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