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Grow Tottenham




Organisation / Collective

Grow Tottenham is a meanwhile use project on Ashley Road in Tottenham Hale. We are making a community garden on a 10,000sq ft site at Ashley House that was built as a civil engineering depot and has been vacant since 2014. We organise 2 volunteering sessions a week and are gradually transforming the site by making a wildflower meadow, kitchen garden, micro-allotment plots, polytunnel, community kitchen and carpentry workshop. We are largely self funded and are building the garden using the income we generate from our cafe and event space, which has a 5am license at weekends. The money we make selling food and drinks supports the cost of building and running the garden and subsidises a program of free workshops and events.

sketch by Ines Gradot for Late Works By Ear

sketch by Ines Gradot for Late Works: By Ear #6

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