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Between Borders




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The mundane, the boring, the inescapable, these are all parts of what shape us and make us. The country we live in is as divided as it has been in our lifetimes and our goal from the outset has been to bring people together, to unite individuals and communities across the nation, showing that despite our differences in age, ethnicity and ways of getting from A to B, what we have in common outweighs what divides us. Our work acts as an archive of modern British life, a way of capturing the essence of what it means to live in Britain, today. By sharing in what makes us who we are, by exploring not just the great, but also the struggles and complications of everyday life, we hope to paint a broader, realer and more tangible picture of modern life in this leafy land. Between Borders is a project edited by Luc Hinson and designed by Tom Shotton.

sketch by Ines Gradot for Late Works By Ear

sketch by Ines Gradot for Late Works: By Ear #6

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