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Willa Hilditch

Hilditch predominantly presents works made in either pencil or paint. In her studio, Hilditch creates arrangements of paper sculptures and found objects. These sculptural objects are made in response to her surroundings and her routine walk to the studio. When walking she observes the city in flux- the rubbish and residual marks that are left behind by humans. From the squashed chewing gum to the thrown away adverts etc. that are pressed into the floor by people walking on them. The routines of others are evident in the existence of their waste. The forms that she makes out of paper often respond to this idea of the flattening of time into an object or surface. Once she finds a composition of objects that resonates with her, she captures it through pencil or paint. The curatorial relationship between the works and the space that they occupy is principal to the work.

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By Ear

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January 29, 2023

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