Toby Evans-Jesra

Artist, Illustrator, Musician

a.k.a / part of

Richard Limper, leather.head

Toby Evans-Jesra

Toby Evans-Jesra is a self-taught illustrator and musician based in London. Over the years he has developed a unique illustration style, drawing influence from a range of places, from the crude and garish 80's American Hardcore aesthetic to the surreal and contorted visions of Bosch, Goya and Ensor. There has always been a synergy between music and art present in his work, specialising in posters for gigs, t-shirts and record sleeves, as well as playing in a number of bands such as leather.head, Lobby, Speed Training (FKA Great Dad) and The Glugg.

Toby's involvement with art and music also crosses over with activism in the DIY cultural project Solidarity Tapes (co-run with brother's Aidan and Josh). The projects aim is to to platform marginalised voices, strengthen links between culture and activism, and be a space where musicians and artists can stand in solidarity with oppressed groups whilst raising funds and awareness for grassroots groups fighting for migrant, social and climate justice.

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of Noise

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January 29, 2023

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