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FOCM aka Flo Main is a multidisciplinary artist working and living in London, engaging with multiple personal and collaborative (BLOAT Collective) visual art practices. Currently showing a solo exhibition of paintings; SPRING SUMMER at GLOAM Gallery, Sheffield - a collection of works that compresses themes of love, nature and artefact apropos the seasons they are made. With these works Flo continues a practice of drawing quickly and on a large scale, on intimate and observational moments from life, photographs and imagination. These are friends at rest, freshly sprung trees, a backseat view - all familiar, believable. The combination of an uncanny colour language with a painterly flatness sees everything within the frame rendered with equal importance, encouraging the idea of multiple points of view filled within a single surface.

By the method of recording and animating, Flo redraws spaces so that the familiar becomes strange, with carefully detailed representations sitting alongside pure abstraction in the same scene. This embrace of contradiction insists on the here and now coexisting with an internal mutability - where an intuitive exploration of chaos creates the possibility for new motifs, through both painting and queerness.

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Paperweight II

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February 5, 2023

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