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Finlay Clark (b. 1995, London) is an interdisciplinary artist and multi-instrumentalist. They have studied at GSA, SAIC, PARTS, Darmstadt, MSCP, CAMPfr, and with Wandelweiser collective. Clark is currently working on a collaboration between Moog and Ligeti quartet, a collaboration between pianist Luciano Rossi and AI specialist Atay Ilgun, as well as releasing an EP with artist Vera Karlsson on Primordial Void and publishing a collaborative text between Jennifer Lucy Allen and Still House Plants in Yes & No magazine. Clark also writes and performs with Still House Plants, who are selected artists for Shape Platform 2021. Fast Edit LP (Blank Forms, 2020) was The Guardian writers’ choice album and track of the year and #7 album of the year in Wire magazine. The group have performed at Empty Gallery (Hong Kong), Hyperlocal Festival (with NTS/British Council, Buenos Aires), various DIY spaces in Santiago de Chile (supported by Creative Scotland), as well as undertaken a six-month residency at Cafe OTO as recipients of the OTO Projects UK Artists Residency Fund (supported by Jerwood Arts). 2021-2022 sees the trio touring Europe, North America, as well as shows in Mexico and Japan. They are currently working on their third studio album. Clark has also curated a multi-disciplinary group exhibition in Havana, Cuba (supported by Creative Scotland/Glasgow City Council).

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August 22, 2021

Finlay Clark