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Evelyn Wh-ell

is an artist, writer and researcher, currently completing a PhD in butch and transmasc aesthetics. Through publishing, performances, audio-visual work and lectures, Wh-ell uses trans forms and aesthetic strategies to rethink the production of gendered subjectivity. Parody and gallows humour are tools for the reappropriation of genres such as the horror movie, the detective novel, and the memoir, to reinvent and revalue models of ‘emasculated’ masculinity for trans means. Wh-ell’s first monograph, Memoirs of a Child Plot Hole: How to Escape Yourself Without Even Trying was published in 2022 by Sticky Fingers. They are currently a CCA Derry~Londonderry 2022-2024 Research Associate, where they are developing a project about millenarianism and the 1990s, homosociality, male fashion and metrosexuality, and predictions of one’s own impending death.

Wh-ell is also an arts educator, and has worked with LGBTQ+ charities and arts organisations including The Kite Trust, The Horse Hospital, Kettle’s Yard and Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge. Their critical and creative writing has been published by Another Gaze, Cambridge Literary Review, permeable barrier,b l u s h lit, with a short story in Sticky Fingers’ ‘DEAD LOVERS’ series. They also host ‘The Disenfranchised Things Talk Show’ on No Bounds Radio.

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February 5, 2023

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