Late Works: 3


The third version of "Impromptu presents Late Works", the first incarnation of Late Works, where a group of musicians spontaneously improvised music in response to two painted folding dressing screens.

The musicians are asked to respond for a total of 30 minutes to each screen, with them being rotated midway. The screen itself stands in front of both the audience and the musicians, with everyone - including the musicians - experiencing it simultaneously, and for the first time.


• done without being planned or rehearsed
• a short piece of instrumental music, especially a solo, that is reminiscent of an improvisation


• The panels for the screens should be found by chance, on the side of the road, then assembled and given to the artists to paint. The artists then have exactly a month to finish the work.

• The musicians respond to the first side for roughly 15 minutes, with the screen being turned around at the end at an appropriate moment, allowing the musicians to respond for a further 15 minutes. The performance shouldn’t be interrupted by the turning of the screen.


Alice Bloomfield
Fergus Polglase

Evan Abell
Tara Cunningham
Lluis Domènech Plana
Jordan Hadfield
Jesse Doniach Hughes
Billy Leach
Joe Maclaren

Musicians selected by:
Billy Leach

Joseph Bradley Hill

With thanks to Chris Greenwood at Louie Louie!

Alice Bloomfield

Lend a Cig, 2018

Fergus Polglase

I left a poem with the weapon, 2018